Everything in one place


Real Phone Numbers

Unlike other services that require both sides to download and use the same app, Atto Messenger works with real phone numbers. Send and receive texts anywhere, without needing the recipient to do any setup.

Unlimited Provisioning

Provision as many phone numbers as you like, for any purpose. Selling items on Craigslist, or dating someone new? Protect your privacy with a separate number. Running a business, solo or corporate? Give every department or employee a phone number to tailor your customer service.

Identity & Contact Customization

The Atto Messenger platform support dynamic labeling, allowing you to customize the display names of all your phone numbers, contacts, and conversations. Perfect your personal or business communication workflow any way you see fit.

Central Messaging

Atto Messenger features a secure, responsive web app that adapts to your needs. Messages are encrypted and sent over a reliable, redundant protocol that emphasizes extremely low bandwidth and battery usage for mobile devices.

Accessibility for All

Access the Atto Messenger web app anywhere with an internet connection. Open up a browser on any device and use the complete set of features offered with no platform-specific exclusions.