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Infinite numbers, one phone, no carrier.

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Change the Way You Communicate

Traditional phone carriers have convinced the average consumer to pay hefty fees to have your phone send and receive texts from a single number. Atto Mobile lets you break free of everyday texting apps, with as many numbers as you like in a single intuitive app.

Atto Mobile allows you to have the same texting that you love by utilizing any internet connection. This means you can use wifi, or even purchase a data-only plan from a carrier to enable AM on the go. With our dangerously inexpensive plan at $8, you save big money either way.

Here are just some of the important benefits of internet based communications:

Wifi Service & No Roaming Fees
Home & public wifi is everywhere, and lets you talk when travelling without roaming fees.

Compatible with Data Plans
If you need mobile service on the go, you can grab a data/tablet plan from a carrier, and still save big!

Modern Apps
Our app takes texting out of the stone age. We use MQTT guaranteed delivery protocols which also delivers texts almost instantly.

Privacy & Security
Texts are sent securely in transit so 3rd parties and carrier network Stingrays can't spy on you.

Worldwide Access
Get phone numbers for as little as $2, with support for dozens of countries.

Rock Solid Network
Servers around the world and redundant networking gets your text through every time.